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Why Artificial Intelligence for Simulations?

Artificial intelligence offers great opportunities in the field of CAE applications, since data from individual simulations as well as from simulation databases remain virtually unused.

Individual simulations have so far been evaluated by means of punctual measurements, images and reports, which neglects a large part of the data of a simulation and can also hide essential information. Artificial intelligence offers the enormous opportunity to use all information holistically and to condense essential parts for the user.

Larger investigations like design studies, robustness studies, optimizations etc. usually start from scratch without using existing knowledge from simulation databases. Here artificial intelligence can help to reduce the considerable effort. Since simulations also contain the knowledge of previous problem solutions, AI-based tools help to efficiently transfer this knowledge to employees.



Decades of Experience in High-End Simulation and Strucural Mechanics.


We fit a solution to the customer and not vice versa.

Software Knowledge

Very broad software knowledge from HPC to Cloud, Web and Big-Data.

Machine Learning

Analysis of customer data and development of customized solutions for specific use-cases.

Consulting & Training

AI consulting and training of employees methods, technology and relevant topics.


Development and distribution of own tools and libraries for big-data CAE.

Technology Stack

For our tasks we have a wide range of open-source, commercial and proprietary software available. Our expertise meets the latest technologies (see Software Services). Individualization is an essential for us, since a large part of machine learning technology like TensorFlow was not developed for CAE and requires adaptations or extensions. This enables us to reduce runtimes from days to hours or minutes.


Constantin Diez


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