An Efficiently Exploring, Prediciting and Optimizing of your Challenge

Lasso Ingenieurgesellschaft is the German distributor for datadvance's pSeven Core, pSeven and pSeven Enterprise software.

pSeven is a software platform that provides advanced tools to explore, predict and optimize your task. With an efficient graphical user interface and automatic selection of the best algorithm for your application, pSeven allows even non-mathematics experts to achieve outstanding results.


  • Unique, fast and efficient optimization algorithms
  • Innovative techniques for predictive modeling
  • Automatic selection of the most efficient technique for a given problem and data
  • Powerful workflow engine for process integration and automation
  • Reduction of cost-intensive physical and computational experiments
  • Reuse of available in-house engineering data
  • Improved collaboration between different engineering departments


pSeven assists in the exploration of various designs from experimental data and the identification of key design variables.

Predicting answers for new designs from complex simulations and expensive experiments using automatic and adaptive search techniques is made possible with pSeven.

Model the extensive product development process by integrating all existing CAE/CAE and in-house software into a single workflow including the use of HPC capabilities in pSeven.

pSeven enables the solution of complex technical tasks without the need for special knowledge: Smart Selection technology automatically selects the best algorithm.

pSeven Enterprise

pSeven Enterprise enables the parallel execution of massive resource-intensive studies in your private cloud and helps to shorten the product development cycle.

With pSeven Enterprise AppsHub, creating and sharing workflows with any engineer in the organization becomes possible.

pSeven Enterprise helps collaborate easily with colleagues, suppliers or partners: private and shared workflows, simultaneous co-authoring of workflows and analysis of results.

Simple and clean APIs enable the extension of existing functionalities and seamless integration of pSeven Enterprise into any IT ecosystem.

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