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Aerospace Technology

One of our priorities are fibre composites.

We support you in any areas:
Pedestrian Protection

A side issue became to an important construction criteria for bonnet and front bumper of passenger cars.
We are present since 1999.

We support you in any areas:
Railed Vehicles

Our consultant activity improved the fatigue limit

We support you in any areas:
Medical Engineering

We optimise prothesis.
We are not yet ready to place our trust in Man.


We support you in any areas:


 There are many safety regulations which are only fulfilled with simulation.


We support you in any areas:
Renewable Energy

The sun donates heat. We work for temperature stability.

Engineering Services - Business Areas

With knowledge, experience and the right software from a single source, we get the best out of the simulation for our customers and help with the development of often groundbreaking solutions for a variety of areas in industry. Our team also develops an optimal individual solution for your project.



+Fibre Composite Structures

In addition to the classic fiber composite technology with 2-dimensional glass, natural or carbon fiber fabrics, which we represent in an effective and efficient manner with our modeling applications in ANSA, we are currently developing a construction and manufacturing technology for ultra-light structures based on geodesic space curves, that have produced the lightest and strongest bodies thus far. Here high-strength fiber bundles ( carbon rovings ) with extremely low specific weight ( 1.8g per ccm ), rigidity, which is significantly higher than steel and a stiffness up to 3 times that of steel materials, are placed in exactly the direction in which the load must be carried.

For example, a suspended fitting weighing about 250 g in an existing construction weighting 50 g may carry a load of up to 2 t. 


+Railed Vehicles


The construction methods of new rail vehicles, which on the one hand experience dynamic high loads in the high-speed bracket within the structure as well as the chassis and on the other hand have to meet the high operating load requirements for mass-transport in inner cities, can with the aid of modern calculation methods be developed with the required durability, already in the conception and prototype phases. At this stage, our team of experts can offer assistance with the evaluation of rigid body simulations and fatigue calculations, and help with the selection and technical evaluation of vehicle procurement. The evaluation of repair measures after accident or other damage to rail vehicles are also part of our consulting portfolio. Evidence of crash safety can be verified by dynamic simulations in accordance with ECE regulations.

+Metal Forming


In red-hot state, a railway-strand runs through the last rolling mill. The thermo-mechanical coupled simulation allows the evaluation of the matrix structure through the influence of rolling. Two types of simulations are calculated in parallel. A temperature field calculation takes into account radiation, convection, heat generation by forming and heat conduction. A mechanical calculation with a viscous flow behavior of the structure taking into account the temperature dependence of the material provides the rigid-plastic behavior of the rail strand in the rollers.



A pile impact is prescribed for the passive and active safety consideration as a crash load case. It is certainly spectacular but only one among many others.


+Aerospace Technology

Satellite aerials on satellites should be extremely lightweight, but retain their perfect shape during use. An ideal topic for automatic optimization of reinforcement ribs in terms of position, thickness and height. Different typical load cases are defined and the algorithm finds the optimum for this load collective.



+Medical Engineering


Patient-specific selection of implants, FEM simulation one-legged stand

The biomechanical FEM simulation of implants in the bone compound allows an assessment of the functionality of the individual prosthesis, which can offer the best possible medical care for a specific patient by providing certain criteria of composite behavior for the operating surgeon for assessment. The local stiffness of the bone is usually different for each person depending on their lifestyle and age. The patient's computer tomography data can be used to establish a so-called local orthotropic material stiffness definition of the bone. It allows a realistic description of the stress-strain behavior of the bone in the immediate vicinity of the prosthesis. A library of FEM spatial models already containing various standard prostheses of different sizes allows rapid analyzes, e.g. for one-legged standing (climbing stairs) can be evaluated.





+Sports Equipment


A tennis racket should have a certain weight, a high rigidity and balanced dynamics during the stroke. The consideration of these required qualities leads to a high-tech product. The material is carbon fiber and the center of gravity is chosen so that the player's arm is loaded as little as possible.


A hard shot from Ronaldo on the aluminum frame of the gate sets the load assumption for our simulation. The ball is almost deformed to a crescent shape and the grid netting inside the ball, which indicates a successful score, is under extreme load. Our simulations are designed to ensure every goal shot of the ball is registered, even in extra time.


+Pedestrian Protection

A marginal issue in passive and active safety development has become a central design criterion for bumpers, fenders and hoods of cars - pedestrian safety. Conflicting constraints make it very difficult for the designer to find a solution between gently capturing the pedestrian and behaving stably at high speeds or impacting non-human subjects.

The hood certification requires approximately 100 impactor shots on a grid on the hood. Only the simulation allows a cost-efficient approach without having to use expensive prototypes.

+Electrical Engineering

In the consumer goods industry, fall tests are prescribed with certain positions and heights. Virtual drop test simulations can already provide valuable information for the design in the conceptual phase. Damage to the housing, broken component connections or detached boards and electronic components must be excluded in the preliminary design. Especially with plastic housings, it is important to have a precise abstraction of the joints to correctly model the failure conditions in the model.

The mechanical part of an electrical switch abruptly jumps to another switching state. The switching process is a mechanical buckling. The structure constructed of shell element, undergoes a stress increasing during activity until a point of stability is reached, and then jumps to another stable equilibrium state. The voltage level achieved provides a statement about the maximum possible number of switching operations.



+Utility Vehicle


The standard ECE R66 prescribes the overthrow of a Bus, in which no bus parts may enter the survival space. As an alternative to the real overthrow of a Bus, a dynamic explicit or implicit crash simulation is offered. The decisive further advantage in addition to the cost savings is the possibility of variants to be expected, should the construction fail, easy reinforcements can be inserted. The model consists of bar and shell elements. For visualization, the bars are displayed as hexahedrons with recorded results data.


The tightness of fuel lines is of great importance in automobile construction. The respective wrap forces are determined at a hose-nipple connection with the aid of non-linear time-dependent rubber behavior. Using material data of aged rubber, the sealing behavior can be estimated after a longer period of use.



+Renewable Energy

Solar technology works through solar energy, when collected over large areas adds up to a significant amounts. These surfaces must be cost-effectively covered with collectors, but also withstand the temperature or dynamic loads. Lightweight construction of a different kind.




+Machine Building

Machining plants are equipped with many different tools to process a component in a specific sequence. Each individual tool when applied generates a force on the system, whos running elements are moved on rails. This is about a thousandth of a millimeter tolerance, which must be complied with. The shifts of the simulations can only be evaluated by scaling and increasing the movement.





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