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The automation of manual work steps not only increases efficiency, but also frees employees from repetitive and monotonous tasks. We can help you to automate processes, accelerate automated processes or modernize existing processes.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning in the field of simulation is a very challenging area due to data size (tensors can have gigabytes), data conformity (meshes), data serialization (formats) and data transmission. We are not only specialized in machine learning algorithms for the simulation industry, but also in the entire digital infrastructure required for simulation big-data. This gives us deep insights into the latest technologies and their opportunities as well as limitations.

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Cloud Technology

We can help you to integrate modern cloud technology and workflows into your business. This includes version management (git), automatic testing (CI/CD), containerization (Docker) and deployment mechanisms on private or public cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Kubernetes.

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As a small business, we are able to experiment and integrate with the latest emerging technologies and practices. This technological edge helps us tailor scripts and tools for customers from a variety of modern technologies such as Python, GRPC, Kubernetes, Ignite, Arrow, Dask, Flatbuffer, etc.

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Software Consulting and Training

The use of modern software technologies can increase the productivity of companies significantly. On request, we offer training courses for scripting and programming, aimed towards engineering, machine learning and automation in general. Our courses focus on beginners or advanced topics, such as the combination of Python and C++.

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Scripting and Programming

In our company we use a variety of script and programming languages to solve technical challenges. Since each language has its specific field of application, we are used to working with all of them and can connect them in many different ways. Our language portfolio currently includes Python for prototyping and general use, HTML/Javascript/Typescript for visualization and web apps, Go for microservices and networking, Java/Scala for big-data and services, C++/Fortran for high-performance computing and Rust for stability and security at with very good performance.

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