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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

LASSO is an engineering company, specialized in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) as well as development and distribution of technical software. We strive to think one step ahead and provide unconventional solutions.
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Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

As our newest field of work, we provide services to analyze Simulations by using Artificial Intelligence. Postprocessing is still a majorily manual task, since evaluation of simulations requires pattern recognition capabilities, comparable to image analysis. The strong increase in simulations performed in combination with cost reduction makes it almost impossible to evaluate the results appropriately. Our Algorithms can easily provide deep insights into thousands of simulations.

Mesh generation

LASSO generates Finite Element meshes for you project

The generation of the finite element structures demands a large part of the processing time in a project. The duration of meshing can be reduced considerably by using several powerful pre-processors.

LASSO creates Finite Element meshes based on CAD-data or drawings. Either a mesh, subdivided by geometric entities, or a mesh extended by specifications like material properties boundary conditions and loads is delivered to the customer.

An input file of a specific FEM-solver is given to the customer. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is always an abstraction of reality. Based upon prior consultation by our experienced team the FEM-structures will be technically adapted.

The following examples show some random chosen calculated structures:




Bus structure for crash simulation



Automobile mesh for crash  simulation



Pedestrian protection

Mesh for head- and leg-impact


FEM Analysis

Simulation of physical processes

LASSO's specialty is the analysis of general problems of strength by applying the Finite Element Method (FEM). The linear and nonlinear FEM offer a large spectrum of algorithms for treating different aspects of structural behaviour.

FEM-Analysis requires the following input data:

  • The geometrical description based on drawings or CAD-data
  • Material data
  • Kinematic boundary conditions
  • Loading conditions

LASSO provides a quotation which includes a complete FEM-analysis. The amount of work required and the input data is determined in close partnership with the customer. The components of an FEM-analysis are divided into three parts: modelling, numerical analysis and documentation of results.

A written final report, including colour pictures, is delivered to the customer. Small animated movies can also be produced for presentation on a PC or a VCR. This report is also archived on CD-ROM, so there is permanent direct access to the data at the customer's site.

Software development

Software around the Finite Element Method

In addition to our own software system LARSTRAN - Shape, we also develop software surrounding the Finite Element Method.

The daily work on a project generally entails the addition of some software to specifically address the sequence of handling or to evaluate numerical results, which cannot be achieved using the standard software. The most common problem encountered with this comes from the particular formatting of different input/output data required when transferring them from different software types. For example, special software has been developed to transfer data from PAMCRASH-input to LS-Dyna-input.

Important software-tools are used to interpret the output data. For example we offer a tool showing bar element results in hexahedral form or a tool to show the cylinder deformation in a engine.

In reality, our experience has shown us that to perform accurate FEM analysis, many software tools are necessary for many different applications. Hence, if you are frustrated with spurious results from using the standard software packages, then LASSO may already have additional software developed that was used to analyse similar problems in the past.

Inhouse schooling and on-site support

Inhouse Training

Finite Element Methods have established themselves as an essential tool for construction and development. An increasing connection to CAD-Systems simplifies and accelerates the use. In the field of connection and application a furious development is underway and therefor the existing software in pre-processing and post-processing is undergoing a major change.

In order to demonstrate the advantages to the customer and thus also reduce the project processing time, we offer accompanying training courses on the software products we support.

Local support

Through outsourcing, certain workflows are shifted to the outside in order to limit the available man-time capacity.

LASSO provides qualified employees, who support the customer on site for the processing of FEM analysis for a limited period of time.

The activity can range from modeling, assembling large structures to upgrading and simulation on local computers of customers.

Due to the availability of our range of FEM tools, a split activity at the customer and at LASSO can also ensure rapid project processing.

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